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Are you ready for PELICULA?

So I decided that I’ll be giving away 10 tickets to the festival (times and titles may vary).

Just to be clear this due to my love to the movies and Spanish culture and I love this festival.

all you have to do is share your favorite pelicula (movie) of all time 🙂

follow me on twitter and send this to me via a tweet! 😀 @patsyferrer 


for more details on the upcoming Pelicula: 11th Spanish Film Festival visit the following sites:

Facebook: (for daily updates)

Official Site:


Reservations are now open for those who would like to purchase tickets via Greenbelt 3 or MPass.

G-Dragon EP “One of a Kind”


Since last week I have this mental note that today is going to be the digital launch for this EP. I pre-ordered my Gold Limited edition album last week but it will take time for it to get here. Woke up and refreshed the store to see if the EP is already in the store and when I saw it my thumb just clicked “buy” and now I’m listening to it.

So far here are my top songs from the album (1 being the highest)

6 – Today
5 – Crayon
4- One of a kind
3 – Without You
2 – Missing You
1 – That XX

I just went from upbeat to jazz-ballad. The album has so many colors in it: Love, Life, Breakups, Fame..etc overall I will give this 4/5 stars no dull song.
Great beats, songwriting team between GD and Teddy, and the two female singers in the record complimented the songs.

Congrats GD and YG!

This Week’s Obsession/s Playlist .002–Atomic Kitten

Featuring Atomic Kitten!

I don’t know why the embeding wouldn’t work but here’s the link to the playlist Smile





and here’s a little bonus:

The Tide is High (played in different gigs )

I should probably hit the pause button and….


I’ve only had 3-4hrs of sleep during weekdays one time I even woke up with my laptop on top of me I fell asleep while writing an email. This has been norm for almost four years now, I’m not complaining just sharing Smile. The thing about me is that when I get really tired I begin to stutter and sometimes slur and most of the time I forget the words like right now I’m just writing this without actually thinking of what I’m about to say next. oh! yeah! I know! So… My blogs and other hobby sites have been my go-to for de-stressing and unloading my thoughts and doing things that I love.

Lately I was plugged in and listening to different songs in my Spotify dashboard ( you have to have this in your computer! ) then I remembered Atomic Kitten, I searched AK and boom! all the albums and singles are there! I LOVE IT!

I love AK! always have always will, it makes me nostalgic and their music is really good. Remember those days when we don’t have YouTube and we only have MTV and Channel V to look out for music videos for? gah! I don’t have MTV or Channel V so I only get to watch them in my cousin’s house or my schoolmate’s house whenever I get a chance so music videos for me at that time were golden! plus! don’t forget MTV’s ‘Making the Video’. Plus there’s the Radio Smile.

Along with these, I save up my allowance to buy the records of my favorite artists; I think my first ever record from my own pocket was… I think 98 degrees or Take Five then the rest were B*witched, Atomic Kitten,Spice Girls, STEPS, Aaron Carter, All Saints, Westlife and more. Before you ask yes I have this fascination with Brits / European groups I don’t know why…

Before I head home let me know what you think and post something in the comment box you can tell your MTV childhood days, etc… Love you all!


I’m out! (*wink)

Love, Peace and let’s sing,

Patsy  xx

This Week’s Obsession/s : Atomic Kitten

L-R: Liz “Lil” McClarnon, Jenny Frost, Natasha “Tash” Hamilton (Atomic Kitten 2001-2008)

The first AK song that I’ve heard was “See Yah” although their first single was “Right Now” followed by “Cradle” then “See Yah” which all were released 1999.

Here’s a little group bio from wiki along with the list of members from being a trio to being a duo and then a trio again.

Atomic Kitten are an English girl group from Liverpool, first established in 1997. Created by Andy McCluskey, the final line-up, and most commercially successful, consisted of Natasha Hamilton, Liz McClarnon, and Jenny Frost.Heidi Range and Kerry Katona were two original members, however, they were replaced respectively by Hamilton in 1999, and Frost in 2001.

L-R: Natasha “Tash” Hamilton, Kerry Katona, Liz “Lil” McClarnon (Atomic Kitten 1997-2001)

The band had three UK number one singles; “Whole Again” later recorded byPlay, the fourth best-selling single by a girl group of all time; “Eternal Flame“, a song originally recorded by The Bangles, and “The Tide Is High (Get the Feeling)“, a song originally recorded by The Paragons and later by Blondie.They also had two UK number one albums, Right Now, a re-issue of their debut album, and Feels So Good, both going double platinum in the United Kingdom. Atomic Kitten also managed to gain numerous top ten hits across Europe (in particular German-speaking Europe), Asia, Oceania and South Africa.

Group Members:


I’ll be posting different stuff about the group and their music Smile


Here are my 3 favorite AK Music Videos

See Yah (2000)

Cradle (2005 Version)

Whole Again (2001, Mixed Version with Jen and Kerry)

Once Upon A Time Cast Commentary : Jennifer Morrison

Once Upon A Time -Lana Parrilla (The Evil Queen) Interviews

Bucket of interviews that Lana made for Once Upon a Time

Once Upon A Time Comic Con Interview (Jennifer Morrison, Ginnifer Goodwin & Josh Dallas)

Once Upon a Time Comic Con Interview (Lana Parrilla & Robert Carlyle)

Once Upon a Time captured the viewer’s attention due to its AU version of the fairy tale stories plus the twist the each character’s stories.
This season I find myself more drawn to the protagonist’s stories and The Evil Queen is my fave character in this series.

Here’s one interview that  I saw in youtube with Lana Parrilla and Robert Carlyle.

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