The girl who everyone likes

I have been very pensive these 3 months with the changes that happened in my life and since then I never stopped thinking about a lot of stuff.

Today beneath the pouring rain and John Mayer’s ‘Comfortable’ playing in my ipod, I had a thought I wish I was one of those girls who almost everyone likes and had a crush on.
Is it great to be loved more than you love the person?

What does it feel like?
Knowing people likes you.

I never thought I would end up with this thought. But sometimes I want to feel it too. I want to be loved more than I love person. I want to know how it feela like when all of a sudden a friend or someone you know would tell you that they have a crush on you….

Just made me think.. How does it feel?

Pardon me I just want to write what i feel…



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