Google to offer gay staff extra pay to allow for tax inequality with straight couples

Internet giant Google today began paying its gay staff more than heterosexual employees in the latest example of its lavish perks culture, reports The Daily Mail.

Lesbian and homosexual staff will get extra wages to make up for higher taxes they have to pay.

The search engine decided it was only fair to bump up the salaries of its gay staff, a spokesman said.

Under U.S. law, when a firm offers health insurance as a benefit for an employee’s partner, it is tax-free for married couples but taxable income for  gays.

Google will make up the difference in additional pay, on average $980 a year.

Google yet again confirmed for the best god damn people in the world holy shit.

How long until someone cries heterophobia?

Probably as soon as I post it.

and I approve this message. 😀


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