So, Jihyo is seriously daebak. Seriously. I don’t care if y’all don’t read this or don’t give a crap, but my feels for her has just sky rocketed, if that was even possible since I love her to the moon and back already.

And the story goes like this…

When I went on a vacation to the Philippines last year, I was watching the Korean channel and saw this documentary of a Korean lady doing all these charity works in an area near Manila, the capital city. Being only a Kpop fan, I was oblivious of who she was and just watched watched in admiration. See, my dream is to one day, work for a charity and help against poverty, especially in my own home country, maybe set up my own clinic and treat those in the areas that most need it. (yes, my beloved mother land is the Philippines) I was curious of who she was, but thought to myself that her actions were so much more important than her name.
Then, today, for some weird reason, I stumbled across a video on the net about the Korean charity, World Special Love, where k.actors/actresses go around poverty stricken countries and help out. I saw Jihyo’s name, and ofc, spazzed like the fan girl i am, and watched the episode in total fan girl mode… Then found out that it was her!! Jihyo was the woman I was watching on TV a year ago, back in the Philippines. I was really surprised and kind of kicking myself for not realising it was Jihyo from the beginning. What Jihyo did literally hit close to home. She went to the Philippines and did amazing things, like help build a school, fed the hungry, gave medical care to the poor and spread her love all around. Being a sensitive girl that I am, the touching story made me ball my eyes out ;~; 
I don’t think it’s a coincident that it was Jihyo that I was watching and admiring last year, without even knowing who she was. I think it was a sign that she was going to be one of my biggest role models in the future. 
Yeah, this is random, but … Jihyo is. Forever Daebak. 
My ♥ for jihyo is infinite.


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